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4 featured topics for the month of May!💻

May 5, 2022

Our monthly themed publications are dedicated to providing you with relevant, current and ready to post content on your social media!  

This month, we propose:

  1. Accifamily: Mother's Day (May 8) can be a great opportunity to discuss family coverage with your clients and prospects.

    may - 1
  2. Term Life Insurance: As prices rise everywhere, help your clients stay in control of their budget with an insurance that protects their loans. Plus, a campaign on this protection will start during the month!!

    may - 2
  3. Transition Index: May is a month to raise awareness about mental health issues. To cover this topic, we propose Critical Illness Insurance with the Transition Index.

    may - 3
  4. TFSA: Activities, trips, getaways, your clients probably have many projects in mind for the summer. Encourage them to save in a TFSA to make their plans a reality! 

may - 4

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