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Availability of your clients' tax documents

February 2, 2023

As tax season approaches, your clients' tax documents (savings) are gradually becoming available.

Your clients have access to their documents from My Client Space, online or through the iA Mobile app. They can also receive them by mail if they have chosen this communication preference.

How to access to tax documents?

For your clients:
  • Login to My Client Space
  • Click on Your Documents and select Tax Documents
For you:
  • Login to the Advisor Centre and click on My Clients
  • Search for your client and select a contract
  • Click on Your Documents and select Tax Documents

Important dates – Availability of documents

Tax documents



Online – My Client Space
and Advisor Space



By mail

Only if the communication preference
"by mail" has been selected for tax documents

T4RIF – (RL-2*)
RRIF withdrawals
February 6, 2023 Gradually starting
February 8, 2023
T4RSP – (RL-2*)
RRSP withdrawals
T4A – (RL-1*)
RESP withdrawals
T5 – (RL-3*)
Guaranteed interest investment, Non-registered contracts
NR4 – Non-residents, registered contracts
T3 – (RL-16*)
Investment fund income, Non-registered contracts
February 20, 2023 Gradually starting
February 22, 2023

RRSP Contributions from March 2, 2022 to December 31, 2022

Deposits and PAD
Available Has been sent

RRSP Contributions from January 1, 2023 to March 1, 2023

Available after
receiving deposit
Sent after
receiving deposit

RRSP Contributions from January 1, 2023 to March 1, 2023

Week of March 12, 2023 Gradually starting
March 13, 2023

*Only Quebec residents will receive these statements.


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