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SRI funds | New edition of the Dialogue to Action brochure

Dec 7, 2021 7:00:00 AM / by iA

Do your clients enjoy reading everything on responsible investing? Do they have investments in our SRI (Inhance) funds? Share with them the latest 2020-Q1/21 edition of the Dialogue to Action brochure (PDF only) to learn more about concrete actions taken by Vancity.

Your clients may also want to read the Socially Responsible Investments (F13-1040A) brochure and review our ia.ca/responsible-investing website.

Showcase the benefits of our SRI (Inhance) family of managed solutions, which combines the best of both worlds: superior growth potential and positive social and environmental impact.


About the Dialogue to Action brochure

Created by our investment fund subsidiary iA Clarington, this brochure provides a detailed overview of Vancity Investment Management's (VCIM) corporate dialogue initiatives for 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. It also outlines the impact of environmental, social and governance issues on shareholder value.

The global pandemic has highlighted how important ESG factors are to financial performance. This provided further validation of VCIM’s core philosophy, which is founded on the premise that:

“a company’s long-term financial success depends on the ability to cultivate and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders: shareholders, clients, employees and communities.”

VCIM was active throughout the past year using the tools of shareholder engagement to urge companies to act on topical and long-standing issues, including employee health and safety, access to medicine, racial equity, and climate change.

Over the most recent period, VCIM’s engagement activities helped advance 10 of the 17 goals on the United Nations (UN) Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Written by iA