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Dec 8, 2021 9:30:00 AM / by iA

Did you know that the Business Tracker can help you maximize your sales before the end of the year?

It’s the last sprint until the end of 2021 and now’s not the time to let your clients down! With the Business Tracker, seize every sales opportunity to revive and conclude your pending insurance and savings transactions.

Best practices to be implemented before the Holiday period
1. If you’ve not already done so, activate your notification preferences so that you can receive alerts when new major events are added and to monitor their progress. These events include:

  • New sales
  • Changes to exiting contracts
  • Communications to clients

You will be notified by email when an action on your part is suggested or required.

2. Keep an eye on these event alerts. These events may give you good reasons to contact your clients and review their needs with a more personalized approach!

3.Perform searches using filters in order to find unprocessed or suspended events. Select the “importance” filter to quickly see sales opportunities to be seized!

By using the request Follow-up, you will be able to see and transmit missing information for requests underway.

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Great opportunities to approach your clients at the appropriate time

  • Expiration of the Child Module
  • Expiration of the insurance policy
  • Exchange of coverage
  • Notice of preservation for external transfer
  • Change of address
  • Etc.

These last sales opportunities may make all the difference for your final year-end sprint!

Go to the Business Tracker, a vital tool to help you manage your operations with iA.


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