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October 18, 2022

Did you know that our iA PAR Wealth product is celebrating its first anniversary?

Launched in October 2021, iA PAR Wealth has already earned the trust of more than 23,000 clients. Together with iA PAR Estate, 5,000 of you have chosen this insurance solution for your clients and we thank you!

iA PAR has been a constant success over the past three years thanks to its stability, the discipline of iAIM and the iA Large Case Solutions team, and your work with your clients.


Here are some of the victories that have ensured the success of the product:

  • Achievement of investment targets after only 3 years
  • Scale rates maintained since 2020 and for 2023
  • Exponential sales growth estimated at 207% in 2022
  • $104.2M in minimum premiums since launch
  • Our Wealth version offers the best short-term cash surrender value on the market

Result: iA PAR has reached third place in just three years against competitors who have been offering a participating product for many years!


Great successes never happen alone. This success is because of you. Thank you!


Topic : Insurance

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