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November 14, 2022

The holiday period: A great time for your clients to discuss estate-planning with their parents and siblings!

What comes to mind when thinking about the festive period? Spending quality time with our loved ones, playing in the snow with the kids, eating a lot and relaxing next to a roaring fire.

Discussing your parents wishes with regard to their estate when they eventually pass on? It’s likely very far down the list, and certainly tempting to avoid altogether!

The timing couldn’t be better!

How often are your clients’ brothers, sisters and parents all together? The timing is perfect for them to address the subject head-on!

The death of a parent is difficult enough, without the potential financial upheaval it could bring the family if the necessary estate planning has not already been done.

By picking the right moment to act, your client, their parents and their families will have peace of mind.

Promote your advisory role

Make yourself available to your clients to help them in their discussion, and don’t forget to highlight the many benefits of segregated funds when it comes to death settlements.

Your client may even refer their parents to you to continue the discussion—a great opportunity for you to grow your clientele. Make sure they have your business card!

We have prepared a helpful document, especially for clients, that you can leave with them to help them prepare!

Your essentials

F13-1043A   Estate planning: Do you know your parents wishes?
F13-452A     The advantages of segregated funds
F13-1133A   Segregated funds in 10 questions




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