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April 3, 2023

Prestige preferential pricing

Did you know that your clients could benefit from a significant increase in their long-term returns with Prestige preferential pricing?

In fact, Prestige offers them a reduction in fees as soon as their investments total $300,000 or more. To make it easier for them to reach this amount, they can even combine their assets with those of family members living at the same address.

Here is an example investment scenario that shows the potential gains over 1 year, 10 years and 20 years:

Investment scenario

  • Individual or family grouping with $350,0001
  • Prestige preferential pricing providing a 0.41% reduction in management fees
  • Annualized net returns of 6.64% considering the fee reduction (6.23% + 0.41%)

1 Invested in the Series 75/100 Diversified Income fund with an annualized net return of 6.23%.

Potential gains1


1 year = $1,435

10 years = $25,155

20 years = $93,881


1 Amounts presented are for information purposes only.


In addition, once a client’s family grouping is eligible, the client can share the benefits of preferential pricing with other extended family members, regardless of where they live or their total assets.


Want to know more?

      • Prestige page on your Advisor Centre
      • F13-994A | Prestige new reference document
      • F13-992A | Prestige client brochure


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