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Management Expense Ratios (MERs) update

April 4, 2023

Management expense ratios (MERs) can vary depending on the tax rate, both upwards and downwards, and therefore require an annual update.  

Find out the new MERs in effect in the Fund Codes and Management Expense Ratios (F13-1000A) document.


You will also see that a note has been added to the document concerning the closure of the Deferred Sales Charge (DSC) option.



For all the details regarding the closure of the DSC option, consult the iA CONNECTED article from March 9, 2023.


Two ways to get the document 

The Fund Codes and Management Expense Ratios (F13-1000A) document is available online in the Documentation Centre of the Advisor Centre and can be ordered in print from your supply centre. Download Form F80-11A to place your order.


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