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GIF & HISA rates | In effect December 2, 2022

December 2, 2022

Make the most of our competitive rates and give your clients security from volatility, our guaranteed interest fund (GIF) and the high interest savings account (HISA).



Discover this week's rates1


GIFs & HISA, more than just rates!

  • High yield, no risk
  • Can be held by individuals and corporations
  • Possible protection against creditors
  • No management fees
  • Quick and easy payment at death
  • Offered in all registration types
  • Withdrawals possible at any time
    • GIF: Redemption fees may apply if withdrawals are made prior to the maturity date
    • HISA: Withdrawals without fees

1 Rates are reviewed weekly and are subject to change without notice. To view our current rates at any time, visit ia.ca/fixed-income-investment-rate.

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