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iA PAR Wealth | An advantageous solution to strengthen corporations' balance sheets

June 7, 2022

Clients who own businesses often have the same dilemma: using life insurance to protect their business from the risks surrounding the loss of a key individual or to finance a shareholders’ agreement, without compromising the business’ liquidity position.


The solution: iA PAR Wealth!

The concept of strengthening a balance sheet using iA PAR Wealth allows you to help corporate clients achieve these two objectives while helping them improve the financial situation of their business.

Additionally, iA PAR Wealth offers the best total short-term surrender values for the first 10 years and the fastest breakeven point1, which helps corporations strengthen their balance sheets.


To learn more about this approach and to support your clients when deploying it, refer to the new Balance sheet strengthening implementation guide and refer to the Kate case study. Remember that you can also count on the personalized expertise of the iA Large Case Solutions program team to help you support your high-net-worth clients.


1 The breakeven point is the point at which the total surrender value is equal to the cumulative premiums.

Note: Strengthening the balance sheet cannot be used as the only concept to make a recommendation. It must always be combined with another concept. 


Topic : Insurance

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