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Insights on the outlook for housing in Canada

November 15, 2022

A bubble ready to burst?

Key takeaways of the analysis:

  • Canada’s real house prices since 2000 have significantly diverged from those of other G-7 countries
  • Contribution of the exceptional increase in Canadian real estate assets to the change in household net worth
  • Is there a housing bubble in Canada and how vulnerable is the Canadian economy to the housing sector?
  • The importance of demographic factors on homeownership
  • Canada: 5-year mortgage rate rising from all-time lows
  • The four most likely scenarios for the next 2-3 years



Learn more in this comprehensive analysis of the Canadian housing market, written by Sébastien McMahon, our Chief Strategist, Senior Economist and Vice-President, Asset Allocation & Portfolio Manager.

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Topic : Economic news

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