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Thematic Innovation Fund | Inflation concerns shifting to fears of recession

July 21, 2022

“With the valuation-driven selloff behind us and cyclical profits more at risk going forward, we see many dislocations in themes where valuations are just too good to pass up...” — Jean-Pierre Chevalier

Key takeaways from his comment:

  • Inflation, expectations for more aggressive tightening by central banks and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have all had a heavy impact on stocks.
  • The equity market’s key drivers are moving from valuation-driven to profit-driven as long-term yields reach a peak.
  • A limited allocation to small and mid-cap companies and interest rate increases has pressured positions on the innovators’ side of the portfolio.
  • Stock picking season in innovators is currently in progress. There are many opportunities with some stocks already pricing a deep recession scenario in dislocated themes.

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Jean-Pierre Chevalier, CFA
Senior Director, Portfolio Manager, U.S. Equities and Thematic Investing, iAIM


Topic : Portfolio Managers

Written by iAIM

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