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LAUNCH | Legacy - New specialized life insurance product

May 8, 2023

iA Financial Group is proud to announce the launch of Legacy—a new specialized life insurance product. This addition completes the iA product line aimed at wealthy clients and business owners.

Legacy specialized life insurance is designed to help your clients build and protect their estate. It offers guaranteed permanent coverage with strong early cash values, premium payment flexibility and an annual bonus that can be used to purchase additional paid-up insurance to increase the death benefit and cash value.

Legacy provides outstanding flexibility and stability to help your client achieve their long-term financial goals. This specialized life insurance is administered on a universal life system to offer more options and great flexibility.


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A solution that ensures estate growth from one generation to the next

With a minimum face amount of $1 million, Legacy provides the ideal protection for affluent individuals and corporations with significant permanent insurance needs.

Legacy is available for sale via EVO for amounts up to $40 million with guaranteed rates; for higher amounts, you can use the special quotes service.

Consult the Advisor Centre, ia.ca and the following documents:


Contact your sales manager for additional details.

You can also count on the expertise and personalized support of the Large Case Solutions team for cases that require more complex financial and tax strategies.

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