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Advisor Centre – Revamped!

May 31, 2023

All your digital tools and related support materials are now in one place and after a quick browse, you will feel right at home on the redesigned homepage.

Already familiar with the Advisor Centre and developed efficient working habits? Or are you just starting out and looking to maximize your time? Perfect! The simpler, more user-friendly Advisor Centre has evolved to better meet your needs – while keeping all the features you know and love!


Homepage - Quick access and one-stop shop

From the outset, the renewed homepage offers quick access to key sales tools such as EVO. It also provides one-click access to iA Financial Group's global offer, one of the most comprehensive in the industry1.

To simplify your navigation, icons leading to the iA CONNECTED blog, the Web Showcase and the iA Large Case Solutions site are now prominently displayed below the authentication box.

What’s more, your useful links and the form finder tool are still accessible from the home page, to ensure that your browsing experience flows smoothly.


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Tools - New page

The Tools page has been completely redesigned and now brings together all your digital tools and related support material, as well as presenting the vision for the future that guides iA's ongoing digital evolution.

Three tabs let you quickly find what you're looking for:

  • My Tools: all your tools sorted and categorized by activity (prospecting, sales and new business, client follow-up, business support, etc.).
  •  Support and resources: various icons allow you to access everything you need to work on a given subject (training, tutorials, procedures, FAQ, etc.).
  • Digital evolution: the guiding principles and objectives behind all our digital rollouts.

Content will be added progressively to these tabs to guide you as new tools or practices are rolled out in iA's digital environment.

The latest news from iA CONNECTED regarding digital tools is also integrated directly into the page.

With all these new features, the Tools page becomes a central hub for optimizing your practice with iA.


1Individual insurance, savings and retirement

Topic : Digital tools

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