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RESP | Happy back-to-school season!

Sep 11, 2020 12:19:56 PM / by iA

With back-to-school in full swing, parents are learning just how much their children’s education costs.

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Auditor General of Canada Report, July 2020

In Canada, the value of outstanding student loans in default amounted to 2.4 billion dollars.

Use this opportunity to promote your advisory role by introducing your clients to all the advantages of subscribing early to an RESP:

  • Investment income that grows tax-free
  • When your clients contribute, the federal government and some provinces provide generous grants (at least 20% and in some provinces, more than 30%)
  • The sooner your clients contribute, the faster they will benefit from the investment returns and accumulate more for their child or grandchild's future.

To better accompany you in this RESP period, you will have access to materials to generate new business opportunities:

  • Making a winning choice for your child’s future (F13-586A)
  • Who can help you save for their future? (F13‑548A)
  • General Rules (F13-550A)
  • Comparison of iA products with similar products offered by foundations

Issue an RESP in just minutes – a winner!

It is possible to issue an RESP in just minutes thanks to the fully electronic enrolment tool! You can access RESP New issue - Individual Savings and Retirement through the My Tools and Applications section of the Advisor Centre navigation menu.

The RESP is the savings product that provides the most advantages! Let your clients benefit!


For more information, watch the training videos in the Advisor Centre.

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Written by iA