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Use Evo - Streamlining insurance

Let us guide you through an intuitive and tailored sales experience.

Access the Interface Suite and the EVO training tools

Illustration tool video

How To | Completing a transaction with Evo 1/4 - Add documents for signature

How To | Completing a transaction with Evo 2/4 - Prepare documents for signature

How To | Completing a transaction with Evo 3/4 - Sign documents (advisor and client

How To | Completing a transaction with Evo 4/4 - Receive and submit documents

Use Assure&go

Assure&go’s smooth and paperless process brings simplicity to the non-face-to-face sales of our living benefits products.

Access Assure&go

To get a new access to Assure&go, you must have secure access to the iA Advisor Centre.

If you don’t have access to the secure Advisor Centre, follow these quick steps:

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Get your secure access!

How?  Refer to the “Get access” procedure.


To know more about Assure&go:

Access the online training:                                            Download the User Guide:

Formation en ligne EN            Guide Utilisateur EN



Use Simplifying Savings

Take advantage of simple and comprehensive technology for a richer client experience and save time and effort in developing your client base.

Access EVO

How To | Changing beneficiaries (handwritten signature)

How To | Completing an enrollment

How To | Navigating in the portal

How To | Making a subsequent deposit (one-time or periodic contribution)


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