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Strong winds are blowing in the financial markets:  we have tools to help you!

Jun 28, 2022 1:15:50 PM / by iA

The fear of losing money is an understandably strong emotion, and it’s normal for your clients to have questions on the financial pespective ahead.

💡 Remind your clients that the economic situation affects all Canadian and global investors alike and that in such periods of volatility, it is best to stay the course on their savings plans. History has shown that it takes an average of only 19 months for the markets to return to their previous levels.*

Here are some communication tools you can use to guide your clients through the uncertainties and fluctuations in the financial markets:

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  • Email to all clients with a savings contract
  • Weekly podcast that covers a variety of topics related to the economy, the markets and lots of other topics that can support you in your role as an advisor: IN YOUR INTEREST!
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  • And more to come – stay tuned!

*Source : S&P 500 Bear Markets since 1950, iA Investment Management


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Written by iA