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A new series of videos from Loomis Sayles

April 6, 2023

Loomis Sayles has put together a new series of short videos featuring their Global Allocation team, the manager of the Global Diversified (Loomis Sayles) Fund.


The team talks about how the best ideas strategy is designed for performance, looking at individual ideas whether they are stocks or bonds, domestic or global.

David Rolley also mentions in one of the videos that a lot of people generate ideas within the firm (the credit research department, the macroeconomics strategies, the traders), and that it is their job as portfolio managers to bring them into the strategy in an operational way - a nice reminder of the breadth and depth of research that the team has access to and can leverage.

Whether you are familiar with Loomis Sayles or not, these videos offer a nice introduction to the team, their various backgrounds, highlight key attributes of the Global Diversified (Loomis Sayles) strategy, and share the opportunities that they are seeing in today's market.


Here are the links for the videos:

Finding Value in Today’s Market With Global Allocation
Dispersion has been growing in today’s markets, bringing opportunity potential. Watch to see where the Global Allocation team is finding value.

 Global Allocation: A Portfolio Designed for Performance

The Loomis Sayles Global Allocation strategy seeks to bring together our best ideas from equity and fixed income. Watch to learn more about the bottom-up perspective and individual security selection that drive our approach.

 Meet the Managers Behind Global Allocation
A team with varying backgrounds, brought together by their passion for investing. Get to know the managers behind Loomis Sayles Global Allocation.


These videos can be shared via YouTube.


Topic : Portfolio Managers

Written by Loomis Sayles

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