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Global Fixed Income (PIMCO) | Financial markets broadly retreated in February

March 28, 2023

"We expect a modest recession in the near-term across developed markets as central banks continue to battle inflation, yet uncertainty remains." — Alfred Murata, PIMCO


In this monthly review, you'll learn about contributors and detractors to the portfolio's performance and know more about the portfolio manager's outlook and strategy:


— Exposure to non-Agency mortgage-and asset-backed securities (MBS)
— Exposure to European residential mortgage-backed security (RMBS)
— Exposure to a basket of emerging market currencies


— Exposure to US duration
— Exposure to emerging market local debt
— Exposure to Agency MBS

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Alfred Murata
Portfolio manager, PIMCO


Segregated fund managed:

  • Global Fixed Income (PIMCO)

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Written by PIMCO

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