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Q1 2022 results | iA leads the momentum

Jun 29, 2022 9:56:06 AM / by iA

iA continues to assert its industry leadership with historic Q1 results, making it a compelling partner for advisors.

LIMRA results for Q1 2022 have finally been released and iA is doing very well with sector-leading growth in a generally declining market.

We are proud to share our first successes of 2022 with you. Our teams could not have done it without the close collaboration of you, our distribution partners:




Although the market is in decline, iA stands out with the highest growth in the industry:

Total premiums 

  • Life insurance: +93% (vs. +1% for the sector)
  • Living benefits: +8% (vs. -1% for the sector)

Number of policies sold

  • Life insurance: +15% (vs. -11% for the sector)
  • Living benefits: +8% (vs. -4% for the sector)

For the first time ever, iA Financial Group has cracked the top three in the insurance market for:

  • Total living benefit premiums: First place
  • Minimum life insurance premiums: Second place
  • Total life insurance premiums: Third place

 iA is still the most popular insurer in Canada as at Q1 2022

  • One in four policies sold in Canada in Q1 were issued with iA Financial Group

With iA PAR, iA ranks fourth in the participating insurance market in terms of sales

  • iA PAR has a 9% market share in participating whole-life insurance


iA remains number one for net segregated fund sales and takes the lead in gross sales!

These results demonstrate that iA Financial Group has a solid reputation with advisors and clients across the country. We are confident that our results will continue to be strong for the rest of the year and we are eager to pursue our primary goal of leading the momentum, with you.


Source: LIMRA, March 31, 2022

Topics: Insurance, Miscellaneous, Savings, Insurance - Living Benefits

Written by iA