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Tax return: Help your clients do more with less

March 31, 2023

Will your clients receive a tax refund? We offer advice and a list of content to help them do more with less in the current economic environment and in the event of market rebound.

Here are some tips to share with clients who would like to take advantage of their tax refund:

  • Secure a fixed and guaranteed return of over 4% with a GIF
  • Take advantage of the High Interest Savings Account (HISA), with its return at a historic high in 2023
  • Pay off your debts and feel better
  • Contribute to an emergency fund (TFSA) to reduce financial anxiety
  • Put the magic of the RRSP to work by getting a head start on your 2023 RRSP contributions

By reaching out to them, you can discuss these profitable strategies and the importance of rewarding ourselves for good saving habits.

To support you, we have prepared a few promotional initiatives:


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