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To make changes to an insurance policy, think EVO!

June 22, 2022

Need to make a change to an in-force insurance policy? EVO lets you get the job done fast, with e-signature - now available for almost all change requests, even those requiring underwriting analysis!

  • To learn more about insurance e-change requests that can be made through EVO, check out this quick-reference guide.
  • Want to find out or rediscover how to make a change to an in-force insurance policy with EVO? Click here!


New - Electronic signature added for changes requiring underwriting analysis

Electronic signature, already available since last year for the majority of insurance policy changes, is now also available for these four key changes:

  • Addition of insurance
  • Review of rating or exclusion
  • Change in tobacco use (Non-smoker)
  • Reinstatement

This means a better experience for you and your client, and faster processing of the change.


Goodbye to PDF forms and emails

Thanks to e-signature and automatic head-office submission, you can finally say goodbye to filling out and emailing PDFs when making changes – EVO does it all!

What’s more, if you need to make several changes – some requiring underwriting, others not - just one electronic transaction is all it takes. You could request, say, the addition of an insured and at the same time a change of owner. Or…a revision to the extra premium and a beneficiary change!

No matter the combination, we’re making it easy for you, demonstrating once again our commitment to streamlining insurance through innovative electronic tools.


With the addition of e-signature, there's no excuse not to go digital!





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