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Claims | Important New Features !

Sep 23, 2021 2:22:09 PM / by iA

Here are a few new features that have been implemented to help you adapt to your new reality! 

Digital conversion of insurance claim forms (including Living benefits)

Many of you appreciate the convenience of online claim forms. Considering the growth of telework, we have gone digital and removed paper forms from the Document Centre.  

Return of cheques in agencies

Death and critical illness benefit cheques can once again be received in agencies. Simply make a request in the About the Claim Payment section of the online claim form.  

Following the usual process and after the analysis of the beneficiary's needs, the beneficiary can open a High Interest Savings Account and deposit the benefit into it.  

Word of support on the cheque stubs 

Some of you have suggested that we humanize the cheque stubs sent to beneficiaries. What a great idea! We will now add a note of support to do so. 


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Written by iA