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iA PAR | Kickstart 2024

January 8, 2024

The iA PAR dividend scale interest rate increased from 6% to 6.25% on January 1. For full details of this increase, please refer to the November 10, 2023 article.

Make it happen

You can now manage your illustrations and sales in EVO, and take advantage of our range of tools designed to support you in your sales!

iA PAR portal


Your tools

Case studies and sales concepts have been updated to reflect the new 6.25% rate. Check them out!

3 excellent reasons to choose iA PAR

  • Available in 2 versions: Estate and Wealth
  • Best short-term surrender value (Wealth version)
  • EVO illustration up to $25M


Your clients deserve the best. Elevate your offering with iA PAR!


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