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iA Term Life Insurance | The MOST value for your clients

April 19, 2024

Our term life insurance lineup combines flexibility, easy renewal, instant decision up to $2M, and much more! Find out what’s made us an industry leader in term life insurance and share the benefits with your clients. 

Did you know?

Almost one in five policies in Canada is issued by iA.

It’s no accident! 

Distinctive advantages for you and your clients  

Our success in term life insurance is based on our comprehensive and flexible product lineup, combined with a range of additional advantages designed to meet your clients’ changing needs throughout their lives. For example:  

  • We offer policies with a variety of terms from 10 to 40 years, renewable and convertible
  • Your clients can opt for a face amount decreasing to 50% to better meet their mortgage needs.
  • They can also take advantage of YRT* cost renewal, which offers a flexible solution at maturity.
  • We offer the option of converting** term coverage to any of our permanent products, including participating life insurance (iA PAR). Your clients can also keep the same face amount.
  • Your clients have access to 16 additional benefits, including critical illness and disability coverage, and benefit from a combined coverage discount. 
  • You benefit from faster underwriting with instant decision for coverage up to $2M. 

* YRT: Yearly renewable term.

** Before age 71.


Save time with EVO

Thanks to EVO, you can create an illustration and submit a term life insurance application in as little as 10 minutes!*

* Time may vary depending on file complexity.

Access EVO


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