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Accelerated application and instant decision, and so much more, with EVO

Mar 8, 2021 8:30:00 AM / by iA

A leader in instant decision, iA Financial Group confirms its leadership by making the following measures permanent:

  • Clients ages 51 to 55: face amounts up to $500,000 (inclusive)
  • Clients ages 56 to 60: face amounts up to $300,000 (inclusive)

Combining eased medical requirements and the use of predictive analytics, iA is improving the purchase experience and allows your clients to benefit from instant decision! Thanks to EVO, one of the best distance-selling platforms in Canada, almost half of our clients will enjoy instant acceptance when they take out life insurance for up to two million dollars.

Click here for a quick overview of our updated medical requirements!


Removal of the telephone interview

Good news! The telephone interview, which is currently required for clients aged 56 to 60 for life insurance up to $300,000 inclusive, will be replaced by a personalized and simplified declaration of insurability, which will allow instant decision.


New in EVO

The new version of EVO will include these new instant decision criteria and several new features, including:

  • Electronic signature by third-party payers
  • Requirement of a second piece of identification for remote identity verification
  • New language display option for illustration reports
  • Update of marginal tax rates for 2021

Stay tuned for the next update!

March 6 New version available for download
March 15 New version mandatory for new sales
April 9 Last day to complete a sale with the previous version. Deadline to receive paper applications signed prior to March 15 at the service centres so they can be processed using the old requirements grid


Transitional rule

For applications currently underway, the policies will be processed based on the standards in place when the application is received.

Want to learn more? Contact your sales manager!


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