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Critical illness insurance | Discover your new marketing tools

May 7, 2021 3:34:57 PM / by iA

Did you know? Only 3% of Canadians have individual critical illness insurance. 

However, the risk of developing a critical illness before the age of 65 for a healthy 35-year-old is considerable: 26% for men and 19% for women.


Use statistics to build your case

If you’re surprised by these numbers, imagine how your clients will react. Using them in your sales pitches can help clients see things differently when it comes to critical illness insurance. We have affordable, flexible coverage that can meet their needs:

  • Transition: 4- or 25-illness health insurance
  • Cancer Guard: Simplified-issue cancer and critical illness insurance


Take advantage of the tools available to improve your pitch

For you:

For your clients:

  • Discover Transition, comprehensive coverage in case of critical illness (F13-435)
  • Discover Transition with 10-year payment option (F13-1096)
  • Demonstrate how simple the Cancer Guard program is


Looking for content to share with your clients?

We’ve made it easy! Our team has created customized content to help you promote the Transition product to your clients. All you have to do is share it!
- Use our email template
- See all the posts available in our Web Showcase


Want to learn more?

Critical illness insurance products are part of our living benefits product lineup. There are many more marketing documents available in your Advisor Centre. Be sure to take a look and promote these products; right now our clients are more aware of its importance than ever. Let's take this opportunity to leverage this market to its full potential. Don’t forget about the two platforms you can use to simplify your sales experience: Transition is offered with EVO and Cancer Guard is offered with Assure&GO. If you have any other questions, contact your regional sales manager.

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Written by iA